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Metallic Dry Brush - DARK FORGED IRON 30 ml

Metallic Dry Brush - DARK FORGED IRON 30 ml

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Metallic Dry brush paint

Dry brushing has gained popularity in the scale modeling and wargaming community as a technique for creating a variety of effects. This technique involves using brushes with a small amount of paint to selectively highlight raised areas of a model, terrain piece, or miniature figure.

Metallic dry brush paints are specifically designed and have a special metal pigment concentration, allowing the user to layer gradually to build up the desired effect and therefore making them ideal for creating a more subtle metallic effect. They have a unique texture and consistency, which can help to create specific effects such as metallic rust or weathering.

It is important to use a good quality, flat or round brush with flexible bristles when using metallic dry brush paint. This will help to create the desired metallic effect and ensure that the metallic paint is applied evenly and without damaging the bristles. The brush should be loaded with a small amount of metallic paint, and the excess should be removed before applying it to the model or terrain piece. This will help to prevent clumping and ensure that the metallic paint is applied smoothly.

For those who are new to the metallic dry brushing technique, these paints are an excellent choice. They can be used for various applications, including highlighting miniature figures' details and creating a metallic-weathered look on vehicles and terrain pieces. It is a versatile technique that can be used on a range of surfaces to create unique metallic effects.

Uses for Metallic Dry Brush Paints in modeling

In particular, these paints are frequently employed in the dry brushing technique. Here are some common modeling applications:

Dry brush paints are used to enhance the details of miniature figures, such as wrinkles in clothing, facial features, and weapons. The metallic version is ideal for creating weathering effects on models, such as metallic rust, dirt, and grime. By lightly dragging a dry paintbrush loaded with metallic paint over the surface of the model, it creates a worn, weathered metallic appearance.

Metallic paints can also be used to add texture to a model's surface. For example, a dry brush with metallic silver can be used to create the appearance of scratches on metallic surfaces. They can enhance contrast on a model's surface, creating a visually striking metallic effect. This is particularly useful when painting terrain pieces, weapons, tanks, and other large models.

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