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crisis protocol

Marvel: Crisis Protocol - Red Guardian & Ursa Major

Marvel: Crisis Protocol - Red Guardian & Ursa Major

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Two new characters lend their strength to the Winter Guard in this pack for Marvel: Crisis Protocol! Mikhail Ursus is Ursa Major, who possesses the ability to transform into an enormous humanoid bear. No matter what team he’s affiliated with, Ursa Major fights for the Russian people with honor and a love for his country. He is joined by Nikolai Krylenko, the Red Guardian. Born with the power to withstand nearly all electromagnetic, kinetic, and gravitronic energy, he wields a modified vibranium shield that can capture and enhance his abilities.

When joining forces with Crimson Dynamo and Darkstar, these Russian powerhouses help form the unbreakable red line that is the Winter Guard, giving players new strategic options for their teams. In addition to their innate power, this pack also contains three Team Tactic cards that give Ursa Major, Red Guardian, and their allies even more options in the heat of battle.

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