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Handmade - Domino

Handmade - Domino

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This is an unique game of 28 epoxy resin Domino stones, handmade by Wendy's. Super to play the game but also nice to display on your table, too good to leave it in the box.

The classic Domino game is a laying game for 2 to 4 players that is played with 28 dominoes.

The aim of the game: Be the first to get rid of all your stones.

Place all 28 dominoes face down. Are you playing the game with 2 people? Then each chooses 7 stones. Do you play the game with 3 to 4 players? Then each chooses 5 stones.

Make sure the opponents cannot see which dominoes you have.

The player with the highest double domino (for example 2x6) may start the game and puts this stone on the table. This domino is now the starting point of the game. It may happen that no one has a double stone. In this case, you can choose to let the one with the highest number of pips start.

The Game: After the starting player has placed the very first stone, the game proceeds clockwise. The player whose turn it is must try to place a stone with the same number on one of the ends of the first stone. If the player does not have a matching stone, he takes one stone from the stock and the turn passes to the next player. Can you place a matching domino? Then you must adhere to the following rules:

  • You are not allowed to pass. If you have a matching stone, you are obliged to put it down.
  • Double stones are not placed horizontally, but transversely.

The end of the game: The game round can end in two different ways.

  1. The round is over when no one can place a stone at either end of the played stones. Everyone then counts the number of dots of the dominoes that are still in possession. The player with the lowest number wins “the game” and gets as score the total number of points on the un played dominoes of his opponents.
  2. The game round is also over if a player manages to get rid of all his stones. The losing players now count all spots of the dominoes still in possession. The total number of dominoes not played is the winning player's score.

The entire game ends when one player has reached 100 points.

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