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Greenstuff world

Greenstuff World - Basing Sets - Desert

Greenstuff World - Basing Sets - Desert

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Desert Set

If you're looking to create terrains and dioramas that look like they belong in a desert or other arid environment, then you'll need the right materials and paints, as well as typical vegetation and animals.

This set includes different decorative elements to create terrains and dioramas such as  desert sands and inhospitable environments. You will be able to replicate the typical dust effects of desert areas, cracked terrains, and dunes. Perfect for beginners and hobbyists alike, these modeling and wargaming materials will help you bring your vision to life.


  • Basing Cork Grit - 200ml
  • Fine Modelling Sand 200ml
  • Sand Texture - DESERT SAND 30ml
  • Pigment YELLOW OCHRE
  • Cracking Paint - Mojave Mudcrack 60ml 
  • Grass Mat - Self-Adhesive - 6mm - DRY BROWN
  • Grass Mat - Self-Adhesive - 2mm - BEIGE
  • Tuft Glue 60ml (Tuft Glue)
  • Resin pieces: Cactus and lizards
  • Small tree bark


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