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ABS Plasticard - Profile SEMICIRCLE 3 mm

ABS Plasticard - Profile SEMICIRCLE 3 mm

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ABS Plasticard - Profile SEMICIRCLE 3mm

Plasticard profiles made of ABS plastic (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) known as Plasticard. The generic term plasticard refers to a genre of plastics widely used in modeling. ABS plastic is the one used to make LEGO pieces.

This plastic has very attractive physical properties for modeling since despite its strength and durability it is very easy to work. It can be bought either in sheets of different thicknesses, smooth or textured, or in the form of profiles with very diverse shapes. The ideal glue for ABS plastics is cyanoacrylate. The PVA glue can also be used, but it takes much longer to dry.

ABS plasticard also has thermoplastic properties, which allows to alter its shape by using diverse sources of heat.

Profile lenght 250mm (around 10 inches)

Thickness: 1,5x3

This set includes 10 profiles

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