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Ant-Man & Wasp CP26

Ant-Man & Wasp CP26

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A good man with a criminal past, when Scott Lang broke into the
home of the original Ant-Man Hank Pym and made off with Pym’s
Ant-Man suit, Lang inadvertantly began down a path that would
ultimately see him become one of the world’s foremost heroes.
Able to shrink to microscopic sizes thanks to Hank Pym’s signature
Pym Particles, Lang is also able to communicate with ants and
other insects via the specially designed helmet of the Ant-Man suit.
Evil-doers everywhere have plenty of reason to fear the tiny, yet
mighty Ant-Man!
A founding member of the Avengers, Janet Van Dyne has earned
her place among the ranks of the world’s most beloved and
celebrated heroes as the Wasp. Like Ant-Man, Janet is able to alter
her size thanks to command over Pym Particles, and also has the
ability to generare bio-electric blasts that debilitate and sting her
foes, while the wings of her specially designed suit allow her to
deftly evade and attack her enemies with ease.

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