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Staedler Fimo

Fimo Professional 454 gram

Fimo Professional 454 gram

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FIMO Professional is an advanced polymer clay formula that can be molded, sculpted, shaped, cut, laminated, and mixed to create various types of polymer clay designs. It has a firm consistency for works that require high detail. It is also used to create all kinds of jewelry, small objects, figures and much more.

This particular blend is perfect for making dolls or faces, as it has a porcelain semi-matt finish.

Once your designs are finished, simply cook them in a conventional oven at 110ºC for 30 minutes to harden the polymer clay.

For use with our Rolling Pins, we recommend using talcum powder for best results.

In general, Sculpey polymer clay is softer than Fimo, and although they can be mixed together, the texture, flexibility and hardness make them different.

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