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Huron Blackheart: Master of the Maelstrom (HB)

Huron Blackheart: Master of the Maelstrom (HB)

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Huron Blackheart is the lord of the Red Corsairs, master of the lawless Maelstrom and its piratical denizens – but oathbreakers and renegades can seldom rely on the loyalty of their followers. With the galaxy thrown into turmoil by the return of Roboute Guilliman, the former Tyrant of Badab faces a renewed Imperium and fresh challengers emerging within his own ranks.

Huron must call on every trick he knows to stay in control – and alive. Yet even a warrior as ferocious and opportunistic as the Blood Reaver must be wary, for although there are many bargains he can strike, all power comes at a price…

Written by Mike Brooks. Narrated by Andrew Wincott. Audio running time 6 hours and 24 minutes (approx).
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